Our Process


Our Process

At FlexPAC, the most important thing is you, not product lines or potential revenue. We prefer to partner with our clients and use a consultative approach to determine what specific issues your company is facing. Only then can we truly offer professional solutions and advice specifically designed to fit your needs and wants.

Our process starts with a needs analysis and discovery meeting to determine if both parties are a good fit. Different than those distributors blindly dropping off catalogs, isn't it?

Our solutions are based on five different universal needs every business faces. Scroll down to determine which need, or needs, you want us to tailor your solution toward then contact us to schedule your free needs analysis today!

Needs analysis infographic

Cost – It’s more than just what’s on the invoice. It’s about the total cost of owning a product. In fact, we can conduct a cost-analysis of your company’s current practices to help uncover areas of potential savings. At FlexPAC, our customers experience: procurement cost reductions, yield gains, physical inventory savings and inventory improvements.

Health & Hygiene – FlexPAC is a distributor of leading edge hygienic products that preserve health and prevent disease. If you’re interested in improving the overall health of your company’s employees and customers, FlexPAC can help. Our solutions can even reduce employee absenteeism and workers' compensation claims.

Image – Because maintaining a professional image is so important in today’s marketplace, FlexPAC offers image enhancement options to our customers. We can provide aesthetic upgrades that will improve customer and market perception of your brand!

Productivity – FlexPAC provides our customers with a review process that measures overall efficiency of day-to-day company operations. Through this practice, we can provide solutions that will increase operations and output, improve quality, reduce downtime and eliminate unnecessary outsourcing costs. FlexPAC will provide you with tools to produce more product and increase revenue.  

Sustainability – If you’re looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint or reduce your energy or natural resource consumption, FlexPAC can support your initiative. We will provide you with many different sustainability alternatives, whether you’re seeking an entire comprehensive waste management program or simply looking for uncomplicated biodegradable product options. At FlexPAC, we understand the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.

To top it off, after you determine which universal need is your main concern and we deliver your solutions, our team and/or partners can train you and your staff to ensure proper implementation.

Are you in need of professional advice and solutions that pertain to any of the above needs? FlexPAC can help - schedule a needs analysis, today.

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