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  • AEP


    AEP manufactures more than 15,000 types of multipurpose and flexible packaging films. With such a great selection, it's clear why AEP is a valued partner of FlexPAC.

  • Cortec


    Cortec is an innovative producer of environmentally safe VpCI and MCI packaging materials.

  • Intertape Polymer Group

    Intertape Polymer Group

    Intertape Polymer Group is recognized as a leader in the packaging industry for its developing, manufacturing and sales. 

  • Northern Technologies International Corporation

    Northern Technologies International Corporation

    Northern Technologies International Corporation is the parent company of Zerust, the inventor of safe and effective vapor corrosion inhibiting (VpCI) products. 

  • PCA


    PCA focuses on producing high quality packaging solutions for its customers, whatever their size and need. PCA partners with its customers to develop lasting relationships that will actively contribute to success in the marketplace.

  • Ranpak


    Ranpak is a leader in the protective paper packaging and systems market. Through expansions and acquisitions, Ranpak continues to grow and develop new solutions for its customers. 

  • RockTenn


    RockTenn focuses on providing low-cost corrugated and consumer packaging while remaining innovative with its packaging solutions.RockTenn has a performance-based workplace which helps reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Samuel Strapping

    Samuel Strapping

    Samuel Strapping Systems manufactures a variety of steel and plastic strapping solutions as well as custom solutions suitable for nearly every industry. The company strives to exceed its customers' expectations while maintaining the highest standards. 


  • Sealed Air

    Sealed Air

    Sealed Air creates new products using its SmartLife™ approach to ensure its products are created and developed ethically and responsibly.

  • SimPak


    SimPak manufactures and distributes SimPads, which are its customized protective packaging pads. Using SimPads minimizes the total costs of shipping materials.