Do you have to deal with a third party to keep your equipment running?

Not at FlexPAC. Our team of six in-house service technicians are well versed in numerous makes and models of equipment. Our service department's main focus is keeping your equipment in operational form.

As your business expands, the demand on current maintenance staff grows. Routine maintenance may get put off to fix broken equipment. The next thing you know, the ignored equipment breaks, and your operation comes to a standstill. 

What to do?

While most companies' answer is to hire more maintenance or service staff, it doesn't have to be the only option. You can utilize FlexPAC's service department as your very own outsourced service department. Whether it be a preventative maintenance schedule you need us to implement or be available as needed, we can keep you from the costly proposition of hiring more staff.

If you have service needs, you can contact the service department by email at service@flexp.comor call our service manager directly at 317-824-1732.