The Asset Maximizer

Gather Data | Gain Insight | Reduce Cost

Are you making the most of your company's assets? Do you ever have unplanned downtime in your operation? 

Let us help you with The Asset Maximizer. You tell us what matters most to your operation. Our solutions providers will create effective solutions for your company's needs. During The Asset Analysis, we will explore these categories to uncover opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Six categories make up our Asset Maximizer Improvement Matrix. Click on any of the categories listed below to learn some of the ways we can maximize your company's operation in each of these areas.

Yield Gains | Labor Cost ReductionsErgonomic Improvements
Productivity Gains | Product Enhancement | Positive Environmental Impact


The Asset Improvement Matrix

1. Yield Gains

Can any of your current assets be changed to produce greater yield gains? Our process will help uncover room for opportunity and growth. 

Examples of how our process can help include:

  • gauge reduction
  • width reduction
  • chemical dilution
  • system modification

2. Labor Cost Reduction

By adding or changing equipment on your production line, you can decrease your labor cost. 

We can guide you to your best solution. We often find the solution is one or more of the following: 

  • automation
  • fingerprint elimination
  • reduction in cycle time
  • product flow redesign
  • reduction of internal maintenance costs
  • line configuration flexibility

3. Ergonomic Improvements

How can you improve your work environment? We can help you uncover changes that will greatly benefit your company. 

These changes can help you:

  • avoid non-compliance
  • reduce errors on the shop floor
  • reduce workman's compensation claims
  • save lives and reduce injury

4. Productivity Gains

Making changes to your equipment or other assets can ensure you are producing your products in the most efficient ways possible.

This can help your business by having: 

  • improved quality
  • damage reduction
  • increased line speeds
  • increased line output
  • reduction of rework
  • reduction of downtime
  • reduction or elimination of outside contracted costs
  • line operation speed

5. Product Enhancement

Why not enhance your user experience and the public's perception of your product to increase your sales? We can uncover areas in which you can enhance your product like:

  • aesthetic improvement
  • addition of industry driven options
  • tear strips

6. Positive Environmental Impact

Do you want to ensure you are following the most sustainable practices and reducing your company's carbon footprint? We can do that, too. Some ways include:

  • reduction of waste collection, storage and handling on the production floor
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • possible reduced liability
  • carbon footprint reduction

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