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Are you ready to eliminate your unnecessary costs and to change your company for the better? To understand more about our proven process and how you fit in, watch the short video below. Then, scroll down to read more about the many ways FlexPAC can benefit your operation. 

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Operational Improvement Matrix

Yield Gains | Productivity Gains | Product Enhancements 
Ergonomic Improvements | Labor Cost Reductions | Procurement Cost Reductions 
Positive Environmental Impact | Physical Inventory Savings | Inventory Financial Improvements

Once we have partnered for The Operation Maximizer, your company will benefit from tailored solutions for your operation's individual needs. You direct our focus. During The Operational Analysis, we will work together to uncover areas that will benefit your operation the most. These nine areas make up The Operational Improvement Matrix. What category or categories are the most important to you?

1. Yield Gains

Can any of your current processes be changed to produce greater yield gains? 

Examples of how our process can help include:

  • gauge reduction
  • width reduction
  • system modification
  • material substitution
  • dilution control
  • behavior modification

2. Productivity Gains

How can you improve the quality of your products? Do you have problems with damaged goods or factory downtime?

By focusing on productivity gains, you can improve areas in your business and:

  • reduce downtime and rework
  • eliminate outside contracted costs
  • increase line speed and output

3. Product Enhancements

Why not enhance your user experience and the public's perception of your product to increase your sales? Some ways you can do this include:

  • custom packaging
  • graphics
  • aesthetic improvement
  • addition of industry driven options
  • bar codes
  • tear strips
  • resealable kits

4. Ergonomic Improvements

Provide updates to ensure a comfortable and safe work environment, like adding mats at your doors and at work stations. These changes can help you:

  • avoid noncompliance problems
  • reduce errors on the shop floor
  • reduce workers' compensation claims

5. Labor Cost Reductions

By adding equipment or streamlining your production line, you can decrease your labor cost. We can help guide you to the best solution, which is often one of the following: 

  • automation
  • product flow redesign
  • reduction in cycle time and internal maintenance costs
  • line configuration flexibility training

6. Procurement Cost Reductions

How can you simplify your process of obtaining equipment, materials or supplies? By evaluating your current processes, we can help: 

  • lower order, receiving and payable processing costs
  • reduce errors and number of vendors
  • reduce the amount of time spent managing vendors and special sourcing
  • SKU consolidation

7. Positive Environmental Impact

Do you want to reduce your company's carbon footprint or develop new sustainable practices? We can help with that. Some of our past successes have been in these areas: 

  • reduced carbon footprints
  • sustainable building initiatives
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • reduction of waste, collection, storage and handling on the production floor
  • reduction in natural resource consumption
  • possible reduced liability

8. Physical Inventory Savings

How much stock or inventory should you keep on hand at one time? Do you struggle with damaged products? Our solution providers can analyze your production line and your current practices to uncover the best opportunities, such as: 

  • inventory shrinkage
  • fingerprint reduction
  • inventory obsolescence
  • storage space reduction
  • handling damage reduction

9. Inventory Financial Improvements

Do you need to reduce your inventory? Our solutions provider can work with you to find the bests solution to help:

  • improve cost of capital
  • reduce insurance cost
  • lower taxes on inventoried assets

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