Before we get into why your company should install Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) let’s take a quick look at what a VFD is.

What is a VFD?

You can think of a VFD in comparison to this 30-second video;

The Jaguar is like your equipment without a VFD installed. Press the gas pedal to the floor and the wheels start spinning while the engine is working at full blast. That process is not very efficient. Your facilities equipment is the same way when you don’t have Variable Frequency Drives installed. You flip the power switch and the equipment cranks up to 100% from the start. The Opel was only a V4 but it won the race. Why? The V4 was more efficient in power transfer. It slowly built up its speed. The tires were not spinning from the start. This is what a Variable Frequency Drive can do for your equipment. It will regulate the power used to start the machine and keep it running at optimal power throughout the day.

A real life use case for VFD’s was implemented at an egg processing plant. Our customer has to keep the chickens and hens at a particular temperature. Instead of turning on and off fans as the temperature and environment change the variable frequency drives allowed the fans to automatically run faster or slower to hold the temperature steady.

Where can I use a VFD?

While the 3 benefits below will vary depending on the type of equipment you install a VFD on, they can be installed on many motors that blow air or pumps water or air.

3 Benefits of VFD’s

  1. Incentives & Rebates

In certain areas of the country incentives and rebates are being given to companies that install energy-saving equipment like VFD’s. In our area groups like Energizing Indiana and Power Moves are giving incentives and rebates that can greatly reduce the time it takes to gain a positive return on a variable frequency drive project. In most cases, the return on investment is under 12 months.

A cost-benefit analysis for one of our customers can be found below. As you can see the incentives paid for nearly 1/3 of the total costs to install the VFD’s.

VFD Cost Summary


2. Energy & Cost Savings

In the above example, our printing company customer was able to save $18,454.91 per month for a 40% energy savings. This equated to a yearly savings of $221,458.92. The energy savings meant they saw a return on investment (ROI) of just over 7 months. By slowing their air compressors, blowers, fans and other equipment to optimal speeds and soft starting them they were able to reduce their energy consumption by 20%-80% per unit. They will keep receiving these energy savings every month.

3. Reduced Wear and Tear

The same way that the Opel in the above video lasts longer than the Jaguar, so will your equipment with Variable Frequency Drive’s installed. Instead of the big engine in the Jaguar running at high rpm’s right from the get go and wearing out, the 4 cylinder runs slower, smoother and gentler. Think of all the belts, gears, and other parts that have broken on your equipment. The downtime coupled with the cost of parts and service can add up quickly.

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