You have seen the ugly sight before. A waste basket full of c-fold paper towels, bubbling over onto the floor is what we consider a paper towel volcano. Does your business have a paper towel volcano in your restroom? We can agree, it looks terrible. So, how do you solve this sustainability problem?

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The current business trend is to become a more sustainable or “green” entity. This trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon and with good reason. A corporate sustainability initiative is not only good for the environment, it can often time save you money. Most people associate becoming a greener facility with costing money to install new systems, but this isn’t the case.

How can an automated roll towel dispenser save your company money?

As you can see in the video embedded below, our customer was having big problems with overuse. Their c-fold dispenser rarely allowed for a measured amount of towels to be released. Waste ensued and the company was paying for towels they weren’t using and didn’t need.

Enter the GP EnMotion automated towel dispenser. Now, a measured amount of towels is dispensed. No more waste, no more overuse. They now only pay for what they use. In addition to getting nearer their sustainability goals and saving money, they have more hygienic restrooms with dispensers that fit the image of their facility and company.

If your company has a sustainability initiative, a paper towel volcano problem or just wants to save money then contact our janitorial team today for your free needs analysis.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel or read the transcript below.

Go ahead and introduce yourself.

My name’s Dave Morse.

Hi, Dave and we just installed some new towel dispensers here in your office. What did you guys have before?

We had – they were the kind with the c-fold I think is what you call them? So, you kind of reach up and pull them down, they’re manual. They weren’t automated. I thought. They were OK, but I know that a couple times during our all-hands meetings that we hold here at the company when the president would, among all the other topics that he had to cover he would specifically make mention that we had to not make such a mess in the bathroom.

That was one thing that we always found was there were always paper towels lying on the floor. I think because people would probably grab one or two and grab a bunch, some would fall and just would never pick them up.

So, do you think the newly automated dispensers have helped that out at all?

For sure. I never see any waste on the floor anymore.

So you guys, I hear you have a corporate initiative about sustainability practices as well. Is that correct?Right. And that’s from what I understand, that’s the reason why we went to the automated dispensers was to sort of, among other things, get away from the trash and the waste that was lying on the floor, but also just to conserve the amount of paper that we use.

Perfect. Anything you’d like to add? Any cool features what have you seen so far with the automated dispensers? Well, one thing that I particularly like is you have the ability to, as it feeds have the ability to rip it off. And as you rip it, it stops feeding so it doesn’t continue. So, along with the green or sustainability initiative, it’s nice to know you further reduce waste by only taking what I need.

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