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Best Ways to Prepare Your Facility for Warmer Weather

During winter, using ice melt is common to keep sidewalks and parking lots safe for employees and customers. Most ice melts, however, create a white residue that can make the appearance of the floor dull and lackluster especially if the wrong ice melt for your floors is used. If that happens, stone floors can be scratched, carpet fibers can be torn and water can be absorbed into wood floors. When the season has changed and ice melt is no longer be needed, consider giving your floors a deep clean.

 Flexpac carries many different products to make your floors look brand new for the upcoming summer weather.

Check for damages from freezing

When assessing your facility after winter, it is imperative to check for any potential damage from freezing. Freezing can cause major damage to gutters and drainage pipes, as well as parking lots, sidewalks, and even roofs. This damage may not be immediately visible, so checking closely anywhere where damage may have occurred is important. Neglecting to fix damages can cause safety issues, which opens up even more doors for trouble, especially for visiting customers.

Brighten up the appearance of your building’s indoors and outdoors

When the weather gets warmer, it’s a great idea to brighten up the appearance of your facility, whether it be landscaping or indoor decorative touches. Cleaning windows and pressure washing the exterior of your commercial building can offer easy ways to improve the appearance. Landscaping can also drastically affect the appearance of your business. Another idea is to add greenery indoors. Plants indoors can actually improve air quality in buildings, which boosts employee productivity and health! Indoor plants can greatly improve office spaces, and can boost morale especially in the warmer months.

Take Proactive Pest Control Measures

There are many positives that come with spring and summer, but there is one big negative that comes with warm weather. Pests tend to reappear during warm and muggy weather, and your facility could be in trouble if you are left vulnerable. Bees, ants, ladybugs, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, and termites can create major problems in your building. To be proactive when it comes to summer pests, avoid over watering landscape, over mulching, and planting flowers too close to windows and doors. If all else fails, contact a professional service.

Spring and Green Go Hand in Hand

Warm weather and cleaning are often associated, as with the phrase “spring cleaning”. When considering doing a major clean to your home or facility, adding green products can provide major benefits. Doing a deep clean can offer mental and physical benefits, such as removing allergens and hazards.

Get Ready for Summer!

Get your summer of to a clean start with the right facilities product solutions!