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Working to keep students and employees safe, improve your level of clean, and reduce absenteeism.

Facility Solutions & Safety

The education sector is undergoing many changes. This market segment is experiencing significant reductions in staffing and has been forced to do more with less without sacrificing the cleanliness of the buildings. FlexPAC has recognized this pain early and has developed floor care systems that will reduce overall cost substantially while delivering the desired level of clean. We realize that 65% of your labor is allocated to the maintenance and upkeep on your flooring investment.

Another area we focus on is proper disinfection. Student attendance attributes to the overall success of your school. We have several innovative systems that are proven to reduce absenteeism and provide a greater financial reward for the facilities. The two critical items we spend time with are creating proven solutions for your floors and disinfection.

Our Facility Solutions and Safety departments come together to develop plans that help institutions in the following areas: 

  • Customized training courses (36-course curriculums)
  • Equipment assessment and mechanization programs (internal PM plans)
  • Disinfection protocols and procedures (attendance improvement plans)
  • Labor reallocation plan for floors
  • Level of Clean audit (LOC) – comprehensive assessment of the cleanliness of the facility
  • Customized delivery system (site specific)
  • Customized 5-S for closets and storerooms

Solutions Delivered

Gather data, gain insight, and improve profitability.