“Is this the calm before the storm?”, I thought as a gush of nervousness washed over me on my way to FlexPAC for my first interview.

The ride from Purdue to Indianapolis that takes merely an hour felt like forever as I fidgeted and avoided conversation with the cab driver. I reviewed my notes repeatedly and tried to put my mind to ease. I could not comprehend the reason for my anxiety because I thought I had done everything right. I gave myself a long pep talk and struck a power pose just like the TED talk explained. Afterwards, I tried to think what I had done wrong and if I had missed a detail that would’ve made me more confident.

I entered the FlexPAC office and that was when I heard one of the happiest good mornings of my life. Everyone who passed by me wished me luck and believed I would ace my interview. I felt confident and the wave of positivity assured me I would be successful. I contemplated about what suddenly made me feel different. I cracked the code, and I did everything but filled my mind with positive, empowering thoughts. Hence, for the next couple of minutes, I only radiated positivity and I was ready to give it all to get the position.

Needless to say, I landed the three-month internship and because of the everyone at FlexPAC, I truly realized the power and essence of positivity.

My first day, I reflected how my life would be working for the company. It would be packed with great learning, insightful discussions, and talented people. I discovered new skills and concepts every day. My supervisor not only guided me throughout my project to help me understand industrial engineering applications but also shared his experiences, which would allow me to make better career choices.

Every day was productive and that made work exciting. The fact that I was learning and adding value to the company motivated me to do better. Everyone encouraged me when I felt lost and advised me on how to deal with people and situations. I believe such learning cannot come merely from books; experience is the better teacher.

My summer internship project revolved around improvement and for improvement, change is essential. The whole idea of change is intimidating and very often, the person bringing about that change is criticized. I expected the process to be tedious, but everyone at FlexPAC welcomed improvement with open arms. The positivity and open-minded attitude let me apply my ideas better.

102 days have passed. Today is my last day at FlexPAC.

My internship experience has strengthened my industrial engineering concepts and created everlasting bonds. I cannot thank FlexPAC enough for helping me achieve one of my most important career milestones. Leaving is a bittersweet feeling. Albeit I am sad about leaving this wonderful family, I look forward to the next chapter in my life.

Thank you, FlexPAC!

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