Executive Summary

Recently, a FlexPAC Solution Provider worked with a customer on a common issue: a production process that was not capable of keeping up with demand. This customer worked in the fast-moving industry of entertainment, but their manufacturing process simply was not fast enough to keep up. FlexPAC worked with the customer to create a custom machine that would fulfill all their needs.

Previous Challenges

The biggest challenge faced by this customer was that the entire manufacturing processes were being done in Europe. This created significant delays in the delivery process, and this delay meant the customer was falling behind their competitors in a fast-moving market.

Our customer was ready to move all of their manufacturing process to the United States; however, one key component was only manufactured in Europe. Unfortunately, the machine that manufactured the component wasn’t available for purchase in the United States. In order to move their production to the United States, they needed to completely engineer a new machine, and it had to be done within 8-10 months to keep from losing business.

Manufacturing plant

FlexPAC’s Process

FlexPAC is a team of Solution Providers. Our team members visit our customers and through a set of focused questions, learn the customer’s business needs. When areas of potential improvement are found, our Solution Providers used the FlexPAC resource base to apply existing products, machinery, and processes to bring about improvement.

The first step for this customer was the Solutions Provider and his team to work through the discovery process and obtain samples of the consumable that the machine used. They then worked to create concept drawings on the machine that would be engineered.


Up until the final reveal, the customer had only seen drawings and renderings of what the machine would look like. When FlexPAC revealed the final machine, the customer said “This is not what I expected… I did not expect the quality and heavy-duty construction that I am seeing.”

FlexPAC was able to deliver an entirely new machine within the timeframe given, save the manufacturer on costs in numerous areas, and exceed the customer’s expectations. Now, the customer will be able to shorten their manufacturing process to keep up with their industry.

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