A major agricultural machinery and diesel engine manufacturer approached Zerust® and FlexPAC with a storage challenge. They had purposely produced a surplus of engines to meet anticipated demand. However, they required the engines be stored rust-free for at least two years or longer until they were needed for their production use. Over 2,000 engines needed to be stored in a non-climate, controlled warehouse where the temperature and humidity would greatly vary. With the climate changing constantly, the manufacturer was concerned that the environment would eventually cause rust and corrosion. The storage location and ultimate destination of the engines were also going to be located in two different countries, which added to the complexity of the project.

FlexPAC worked in strategic partnership with Zerust as the key provider of corrosion inhibitor packaging and expertise. Together, they were able to design an extremely effective packaging configuration that exceeded customer requirements. The final solution combined a Zerust VCI Gusset Bag with a Zerust ActivPak® VCI diffuser being inserted inside and tied off with a cable tie. For quality purposes, the customer set up an inspection schedule and replenished the ActivPak packets yearly. The knowledge and experience of Zerust and FlexPac combined allowed them to work quickly and efficiently. Prior to starting the project, FlexPAC was already the customer’s preferred supplier and Zerust products had been tested and had passed effectiveness/safety checks. All the products that were used were already on the customer’s national and international approval lists, which made the roll out of the bunkering program seamless and a success for everyone involved. The protection system met and exceeded requirements. Over 5 years later the stored engines are still corrosion free and ready for use as needed.

Zerust bags

Zerust VCI Bags with ActivPak® VCI Diffusers

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