Food Processing

Working to help keep your customers and employees safe, minimize downtime, and increase your speed to market.


Consumer confidence, brand awareness, FDA compliance standards, and on-time order fulfillment are the most common phrases and concerns we hear our clients voice, when we ask “what drives the decisions your team makes on a daily basis”. FlexPAC appreciates the seriousness of each of those answers, and through our discovery process, we are frequently able to recommend and help implement solutions that positively address our clients most concerning issues.

With the increased scrutiny of a desiring consumer, the food processing industry must stay on top of an ever-changing game. Our clients expect FlexPAC to keep them apprised of all market developments and innovation in the packaging world that can positively impact their business.

Our Packaging department frequently works with customers on developments that do the following:

  • Extend a product’s shelf life
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase productivity through package line reconfiguration
  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging costs
  • Utilize sustainable alternatives
  • Optimize your supply chain
Custom Food Processing Packaging Design

Custom Packaging Design

FlexPAC’s innoPAC Design Center has the capabilities to deliver the solutions you need.

Learn more about custom packaging design.

Facility Solutions

Food safety and sanitation are essential parts of the food processing industry. While it is important to be able to deliver food quickly and profitably, the importance of food safety and sanitation cannot be underestimated nor ignored. OSHA requires food processing plants to meet or exceed their guidelines for employee’s safety. The FDA also has extensive regulations for food processing and safety.

We have helped customers develop food sanitation programs that will enhance quality and reduce overall cost in many types of food processing facilities.

Our Facility Solutions department works with your management team to provide products and testing, that improves food safety, by performing the following:

  • SSOP review & structure
  • Inspection services
  • ATP testing
  • On-Site Generation (OSG) systems
  • Internal preventive maintenance programs
  • Food sanitation training courses
  • Customized 5-S for closets and store rooms


Food processing plants present a myriad of potentially hazardous exposures for employees working in these types of environments. Ergonomic injuries are often at the top of everyone’s list of priorities when it comes to preventing exposures in food processing locations.

Additionally, slips, trips, and falls can often create ongoing pains for workers involved in food processing due to wet floors and sanitation protocols.

FlexPAC offers assessment tools, product solutions, and services to help employers prevent injuries. Furthermore, compliance assistance is offered by FlexPAC’s team of Solutions Providers including fall protection assistance, lockout/tagout, GHS compliance, and many other key safety and health needs.

Our Safety department has an endless array of products and solutions for anything you need. We’re able to resolve and prevent injuries with:

  • FDA/USDA compliant product options and prevention tools
  • Ergonomic solutions – matting, lift assist, material handling, impact & vibration products
  • Rooftop, mezzanine, guardrail, and fall prevention products
  • Hazardous chemicals – containment, emergency response equipment, eyewash & safety showers
  • Specialty personal protective equipment solutions including cut-resistant gloves and sleeves

Value Added Services

  • Hazardous chemical safety training
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring
  • Machine safety assistance
  • Safety training and programs
  • First aid and emergency response programs

Automation & Service

For food processing and food packaging, we know that continuous improvement is critical to success. Our Solution Providers also realize that food safety and food packaging are increasing in importance. Food packaging not only protects the product: it has also become a major source of nutritional and consumer information.

We understand that our equipment effects the health and well-being of many consumers, so we use a manufacturer-neutral approach to find the right equipment to meet your standards.

Our Automation & Service department brings detailed discussions and ROI investment calculations to help you with the following:

  • Increase your processing yield
  • Perform on-demand service to minimize your downtime and lost line production
  • Reduce bottlenecks in your process and increase productivity
  • Increase your line speed and speed to market
  • Reallocate and reduce your labor costs

Solutions Delivered

Gather data, gain insight, and improve profitability.