E-commerce & Fulfillment

Working to increase your productivity, keep your employees safe, and improve your speed to market.


Our e-commerce and fulfillment & logistics clients need the ability to adapt, and having the flexibility to accommodate different customer requests in short notice is paramount to their continued success. FlexPAC takes a holistic approach with our clients in order to maximize their operational flexibility and control their operational costs. With the constant changes and advancements in the e-commerce and logistics space, FlexPAC is ready with innovative solutions to help you move your products more safely, with precision, and efficiently.

Our Packaging department will enhance your productivity and streamline your processes while minimizing costs by:

  • Developing packaging processes that are easily trainable and duplicated by employees
  • Material cost containment through packaging material audits
  • Labor cost reductions and productivity improvements through line evaluations
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Increased output through package line reconfiguration
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Custom Packaging Design

FlexPAC’s innoPAC Design Center has the capabilities to deliver the solutions you need. Learn more about custom packaging design.

Facility Solutions

Distribution warehouses are usually served by both an in-house cleaning staff supplemented by contract services. Warehouse needs are dependent on the climate for a variety of products, a level of “dust free” environment, and extreme cleanliness for medical and pharmaceutical segments. FlexPAC identifies the specific specifications that are required and works on providing cleaning systems that will clean faster and smarter. The floors in most warehouses are the center of attention and where we excel with our extensive background in concrete and stone restoration. We have systems that will keep dust down and provide a simple road map toward a clean safe environment for your employees and visitors.

Our Facility Solutions department performs services specialized for your warehouse needs by providing:

  • Environmental protection packages
  • Inspection services
  • Outsourcing services
  • Waste (a source reduction audit)
  • Vendor managed inventory


Distribution and warehousing presents a unique set of safety requirements. Mobile equipment, conveyors, dock safety, pedestrian safety – all things that require attention or we know mishaps will eventually occur. Pedestrians and forklifts – a constant worry for clients. FlexPAC’s facility marking solutions include aisle marking tapes, floor signs, dome mirrors, and many other solutions to keep people and material handling equipment in the right lane. Fall protection for order pickers and aerial lifts including harnesses and self-retracting lifelines in many cases are the best solutions for preventing a deadly fall from heights. FlexPAC offers safety training and inspection services for this important life-saving equipment. Battery charging is often needed, of course, and the right PPE can really prevent a chemical burn. FlexPAC’s also committed to helping clients in the logistics and fulfillment sectors prevent hand and arm injuries via our extensive safety knife offering including ceramic solutions as well as auto-retract safety cutters that make removal of strapping and stretch film easier and safer.

Our Safety department is here to offer safety enhancements or revisions through our implementation of:

  • Facility safety assessments
  • Material handling safety training
  • PSM assistance
  • Inspection and audit services
  • Chemical safety products and programs
  • PPE safety assessments
  • Vendor managed inventory

Automation & Service

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, so does the pressure on fulfillment and logistics. Products have to be delivered quickly and the order has to be correct. At FlexPAC, we have new solutions that can increase the speed of picking, packaging, and manifesting. Our automation equipment combines mechanical improvements with digital enhancements to increase your throughput. Our Solution Providers can also assist by providing ROI development for clients who see great swings in their processing needs. A large variety of SKUs is to be expected; but, couple that with monthly swings, and there is a challenge. 

Our Automation department will increase your company’s output while removing your current roadblocks by:

  • Developing a metric analysis to discover trends and bottlenecks in processing
  • Helping to improve the strength of your brand through quality and consistent packaging
  • Adding dollars to your bottom line through efficiency and cost reduction plans
  • Performing on-demand service to minimize downtime and lost line production
  • Increasing your speed to market with improvements in picking, packaging, and manifesting

Solutions Delivered

Gather data, gain insight, and improve profitability.