Businesses everywhere are starting to understand the effects their products can have on the environment.

The nonprofit GreenBlue created CleanGredients, an online database, to provide verified information about the environmental and human health attributes of different ingredients. The database helps formulators identify ingredients that can perform the job and are safer for the environment while allowing suppliers to showcase these products.


What does all this mean to you?

A number of raw materials used in the production of industrial laundry products have been deemed to be harmful to the environment and human health. There are alternatives that allow for the same, or better, performance without the harm.

One of the industry leaders is Spartan Chemical. Spartan has taken a proactive approach to producing laundry chemicals. All of the surfactants in their Clothesline Fresh line are on the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment CleanGredients list. In addition, the products are readily biodegradable.

The surfactants are created using soy, corn, or coconut oil, and contain no or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no phosphates, no silicates, and no harsh solvents. The neutralizer uses citric acid and the line offers hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent. In addition, these products are formulated as high efficiency and dispensed through portion control dispensers. No measuring, no overuse and no harm to your employees or the environment. Sounds like a pretty good combination, doesn’t it?

If your company has a green initiative in place or is interested in employee safety and environmental best practices, an evaluation of your laundry operation is probably in order. Request a time for our janitorial experts to visit your facility and evaluate your current setup to see if we can help you meet any of your business goals.

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