Hospital Saves $15,000-$20,000 with LinPol Gloss Floor Cleaner

Executive Summary

FlexPAC recently ran a trial with a hospital in northern Indiana to find a floor cleaner that would be easier to use, safer, elevate the floors’ appearance, lower labor cost, and be more time efficient. Finding a cleaner that works efficiently, prolongs the life of the floor, and performed well in a high foot traffic environment was FlexPAC’s main overarching goal for the hospital. This cleaner would also need to be safe for hospital use and remove scuff markings, reduce salt residue during the winter, and work on multiple flooring types including no-wax vinyl, finished terrazzo, honed terrazzo, polished terrazzo, and finished VCT. After a two-week trial period, the hospital now has a new floor cleaner that fits all of their needs and will improve their floors and cleaning process.

Previous Challenges

There were two main challenges this hospital was facing. The first was that a vast majority of their floors were no-wax vinyl flooring, a fact that was dreaded by all of their cleaning staff. These floors were in desperate need of better cleaning and buffing but were so damaged with grit and grim that it seemed like a nearly impossible task. The other challenge came simply from being a hospital. Hospitals are a very high traffic facility from foot traffic and hospital equipment, with a great need for high level of cleanliness–two factors that are difficult to balance. The hospital was struggling to maintain cleanliness with the amount of wear and tear their facility receives, and knew that a change needed to be made in order to make cleaning higher quality and more efficient.

LinPol Gloss process

FlexPAC’s Process

In order to help the hospital, FlexPAC did an assessment of the current state of the facility, along with looking at their current cleaning process. After this assessment, FlexPAC advised the hospital to test out Genesan’s LinPol Gloss. To help minimize the hospital’s risk and to assure their satisfaction with the product, FlexPAC gave the hospital a two-week testing period to see how this new gloss would work for their floors.

LinPol Gloss became the obvious choice for the hospital for several different reasons. First of all, LinPol Gloss is a neutral, bio-based soap, meaning that it is safe to use as well as being better for the environment. It also has triple zero HMIS score, meaning that it is totally safe to use in any environment. LinPol Gloss is also plant based, making it a sustainable, renewable cleaning source for any facility looking to obtain LEED certification. Lastly, FlexPAC knew that LinPol Gloss would make the floors easier to maintain over time, more resistant to scuffing, create an even sheen to improve appearance, make it less slippery, and that the product would work to fill in crevices from grit and grim.


At the end of the two-week trial period, the hospital staff came back with great reviews of the LinPol Gloss. They were extremely pleased with how the product worked for their facility. The staff were seeing 90% less scuffing, shinier floors, less slip/fall incidents, and easier maintenance. The hospital was also able to save on floor maintenance cost due to not having to repeatedly strip and refinish the floors. Another great improvement was that all of the ground-in dirt on textured, older floors was coming out with ease. Considering the fact that the hospital can now cut out routine stripping and refinishing (including both labor and product cost of this process), the hospital should be able to save up to $15,000-$20,000 a year using this new product.

Floors lacking luster?

Remove scuff marks, elevate appearance, and lower your costs with LinPol Gloss.