From FlexPAC: Manufacturing facilities and distribution centers are notorious for being dreary places. Recently a lot of articles have been surfacing about real indoor plants and their benefits in the workplace. With this in mind, we asked NewPro Containers, a wholesale provider of plant containers, to write a guest blog post about the benefits of plants in the workplace.

Indoor office spaces can be difficult to work in day in and day out. Many employees don’t have access to windows and fresh air and natural light is hard to come by. One way to improve employee morale, health, and even productivity is to include live plants in the decor of the office or warehouse space. There are a number of plants to choose from that not only thrive growing in office environments but also even clean the air.

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A recent NASA study proved there are specific indoor plants that actively purify the air within a building. Many common indoor plants, through natural processes of respiration and microorganisms in the soil, remove air pollutants that plague tightly sealed, energy-efficient buildings. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, a few of the most effective plants at cleaning indoor air include the peace lily, the snake plant, the spider plant, the Chinese evergreen, Boston ivy, and several species of Dracaena.

Adapted for Indoors

These plants grow well indoors because they are adapted to tropical environments. Many of these plants are found naturally in constant warm to temperate climates on the forest floor, and can, therefore, survive indoor temperatures, and low natural light levels. Many varieties of Bromeliads, orchids, and palms also make excellent indoor office plants in addition to the plants mentioned above.

Health and Morale

Not only do plants clean the air, but they improve employee morale and health. One study, performed by Prof. Tove Fjeld for the Agricultural University of Norway, demonstrated that employees in offices with indoor plants experienced the following symptoms less often: headaches, fatigue and dizziness, coughing, and runny or irritated noses, and, itchy or dry skin. Employees that feel healthier in their work environment are less likely to be absent from work and overall productivity will increase.

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There are also studies that show individual productivity is improved with the presence of plants. The Scientific American discusses a study that demonstrated individual’s performance improved when accomplishing tasks that required memory retention. This improved performance is particularly important for people who work with data and spreadsheets.

While there are no studies that have proven exactly why plants are so good for health, happiness, and productivity, it is likely that the human body is accustomed to natural environments and any reconnection with these natural environments in traditionally industrial and mechanical spaces improves mental and physical health.


In addition to benefits for employees, plants add an important ambiance that will speak volumes to potential clients. Indoor plants add color that is fresh and makes industrial spaces more inviting. Plants can also send also underlying message that environmental concern is important to your business, which is often important to potential clients


There are a few challenges to having indoor plants in office or warehouse spaces. One is knowing each plant’s specific care needs; how much light they need, how large they grow, and how much water they need.  Another challenge is designating who is responsible for their continued care.

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To create a professional look with indoor plants, consider hiring an interior landscaper. A professional can design a plant scape that will be creatively customized to any indoor space and they can maintain plants so that they always look healthy and thriving.

Indoor plants are an excellent way to liven up a dull office or warehouse spaces. They bring life and color to traditionally unnatural spaces. The presence of live plants will improve employee health and morale, as well as productivity and give a professional welcome to potential clients, all of which are good for business. There are a number of tropical plants to choose from that are excellent for indoor office spaces, but if you need help getting started, consult your local interior landscaper.

About the Author: NewPro Containers is a wholesale provider of plant containers.

Photo “Lily” courtesy of OiMax

Photo “snake plant in bloom – sansevieria trifasciata” courtesy of woodleywonderworks

Photo “Bromeliad” courtesy of kimubert

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