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Product packaging and protection needs are found throughout many manufacturing facilities. We find them used for temporary use in the manufacturing process, as well as for protection during shipment and storage of finished goods. Whether it is custom designed “primary” packaging that helps increase our client’s sales and customer experience, or providing “secondary” packaging that simply serves as protection in transit and storage, FlexPAC is ready to help you meet your goals and move your product.

Driving down costs that don’t add value to our client’s products and solving for those challenges is what occupies most of our time. In many cases, FlexPAC’s team has been able to uncover opportunities for savings and improvements in areas that our clients didn’t previously know existed.

Our Packaging department is here to help you improve your processes and protect your products through:

  • Decreased cost through package redesign
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Greater yield through the use of innovative products
  • Increase productivity through package line reconfiguration
  • Improved cost per load through line audits & evaluations
  • Aid in establishing current packaging operational costs
  • Improve image and brand reinforcement
  • Reduced damage and improved customer satisfaction
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Custom Packaging Design

FlexPAC’s innoPAC Design Center has the capabilities to deliver the solutions you need.

Learn more about custom packaging design.

Facility Solutions

Industrial clients have a blended approach when it comes to facilities cleaning. Usually, the administrative area, public restrooms, plant restrooms, and cafeterias are contract cleaned. The plant floors and cleaning around the machinery/cells are the responsibility of in-house maintenance. We have a pool of qualified building service contractors with proven track records to exceed our industrial client’s needs.

Our facilities Solution Providers can also assess the needs of the plant cleanliness through product innovation and process improvement. We have partnered with world-class chemical and equipment suppliers to bring our industrial clients the latest innovations, products, and solutions on the market. By working closely with the building service contractor and the facilities management, we can provide substantial savings with consumables (paper, soap, and plastics). By developing a cohesive team, we are able to control the cost (inventory) and work on methods of further reduction.

Our Facility Solutions department will help you analyze and develop the best systems for your business by:

  • Facilities supply chain management
  • Writing “scope of work” for our industrial clients to get the best contractor for the best value
  • Facilities site survey – recommendations on cost reduction opportunities and plans
  • Level of Clean audit (LOC) – a comprehensive assessment of the cleanliness of the facility
  • Product consolidation and standardization with detailed SOPs
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Customized 5-S for janitor’s closets and cribs


Today’s manufacturing environment seems to be in constant state of change from employment challenges to finding methods for preventing costly worker injuries. Often, the responsibility for keeping workplaces safe and free from recognized risks fall on one person to try and manage all the different facets of protecting people and the environment. In other cases, safety committees are developed to help manage the overall direction of the company’s safety and health program. FlexPAC offers assistance to all employers who need help with compliance and training initiatives. In addition, we have partnered with some of the best suppliers to be able to offer world-class solutions for the most difficult workplace hazards.

Our goals are simple: help clients reduce the likelihood an injury occurs and reduce the total spend for personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions. Often, the protection employees must wear to protect themselves from hazards is not comfortable and causes them difficulty in performing their job duties. FlexPAC offers PPE assessments that can provide a new perspective on how PPE solutions might change to truly move employers from a compliance mindset to an enlightenment attitude toward protection solutions.

Our Safety department revamps your manufacturing environment by conducting:

  • Safety management assistance
  • PPE site surveys – recommendations on cost and comfort improvements for employees
  • PPE reconditioning programs – maximizing the reuse potential of PPE and reduce impact on environment
  • Fall protection assessments and recommendations
  • Training courses and program development
  • Confined space entry assessments and training
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Environmental impact solutions – ISO 14001 compliance assistance or audits
  • Industrial hygiene and indoor air quality (IAQ)

Automation & Service

Within manufacturing, turning to automation solutions can provide any customer with a large amount of opportunities and solve significant pitfalls. Through productivity gains, labor cost reductions, and streamlined operations, automation helps our clients produce their products in the most cost-efficient manner.

From our experience across multiple success stories, our Solutions Providers will come in and gather insights through our proven process to determine if your business is a good fit for automation. Sometimes, the areas of need for automation are not clearly defined and need to be determined through careful observation and discussion. Continuous improvement with automation is FlexPAC’s goal and helps allow our clients to become a low-cost producer.

Our Automation department is here to protect your productivity and uptime by doing the following:

  • Creating an ROI report for all potential automation deployments
  • On-demand maintenance support and preventative maintenance programs for all equipment sold
  • Reducing cycle time and increasing line speed & output
  • Reallocating labor costs

Corrosion Prevention

Not all corrosion management and prevention programs are creating equally. We analyze the current state of your corrosion management needs and work with you and your team to implement the best and most cost-effective solution. FlexPAC can come to your facility and do a step-by-step analysis of your current process including fluid audits, VCI and packaging process audits, and data logger analysis.

We can also assist you in development of your own on-site corrosion inhibitor packaging system and rust removal programs, or let us do the hard work and put parts through our own proven, 6-step rust removal process at one of our rust removal facilities.

Our Corrosion Prevention department offers a vast and versatile array of products to protect your parts and metals such as:

  • VCI poly bags stock and custom
  • VCI paper
  • VCI stretch films
  • Corrosion prevention emitters
  • VCI coatings and sprays
  • Rust removal wipes & liquids
  • Cleaners and metalworking fluids
  • OEM approved products

Solutions Delivered

Gather data, gain insight, and improve profitability.