Executive Summary

FlexPAC recently ran a trial with a large, southwestern Ohio healthcare system to find a neutral floor cleaner that would successfully remove the white residue caused by salt and ice melt on their multiple flooring types. The cleaner would also need to be easier to use than the incumbent cleaner, safe for hospital patients and staff, and ultimately produce labor savings for the network. After an analysis of their current cleaning methods, FlexPAC suggested using ES83 Haze Away by Enviro Solutions. Now, the hospital is using Haze Away in three of their eight hospital locations and will save in excess of 40-50 hours of labor time weekly across just those three locations.

Previous Challenges

There were many challenges facing this healthcare network when working with the winter conditions. Their first challenge lay in finding the right product for their unique application. Hospitals are very high traffic facilities, with a great need for a high level of cleanliness – two factors that are difficult to balance and require the proper guidance and process improvement recommendations from an experienced team of facilities solutions providers. With two flooring types (tile and carpet), they needed to find a product that would work well with both. Having a product that was safe to use was also a concern, and therefore the product needed to be environmentally friendly, safe for use, and prevent slip hazards associated with using the product itself and from the ice melt residue.

FlexPAC’s Process – Outsmarting the Elements

In order to help the healthcare network, FlexPAC conducted an assessment of the current state of the facility and evaluated their current cleaning process for removing the ice melt residue. After this assessment, FlexPAC advised the hospital to test out the ES83 Haze Away. To help minimize the hospital’s risk and to assure their satisfaction with the product, FlexPAC gave one of the hospitals in the network a testing period to see how this new cleaner would work for their floors.

After the trial period, ES83 Haze Away became the obvious choice for a few reasons. First, Haze Away registers lower in alkalinity than the chemical that was being used, meaning that it would be perfect for neutralizing the salt film. Secondly, the safety aspect was extremely important to maintain. Haze Away is ECOLOGO approved, non-toxic and safe for everyday use, and is UL approved for slip resistance – an improvement to their previous methods. Lastly, the Haze Away was able to work on their multiple floor types with mops and auto scrubbers while not dulling the flooring’s appearance.

Hospital entrance


At the end of their trial period and a thorough training from FlexPAC Solutions Providers, the hospital staff came back with great reviews. They were extremely pleased with how the product worked for their facility and cleaned the flooring. The hospital will also be able to save about 40 – 50 hours across the three hospitals in labor costs due to the speed of use. With the potential future additions of the other five hospitals, the total time savings could be around 120 hours per week.

Have salt residue?

ES83 removes the unsightly white film of ice melt chemicals
deposited at entryways and demineralizes salt deposits on flooring.