Our Story

Started in 1985 by Mark Dinwiddie, FlexPAC now boasts 4 locations and a myriad of product lines.

JUN. 1985

FlexPAC is created by Mark Dinwiddie. Starts by selling stretch film and tape out of the back of a trailer.

MAR. 1999

FlexPAC sets up their first official location (HQ) in Zionsville.

AUG. 2006

FlexPAC establishes a second location in Elkhart, IN. Location is complete with offices and warehousing to supply northern Indiana region.

APR. 2007

FlexPAC adds Jan/San and Safety products to its offerings by acquiring Schnaible Service and Supply.

DEC. 2007

FlexPAC’s third location opens through the acquisition of TSC Band-all in Rock Island, Illinois (Quad Cities).

OCT. 2013

FlexPAC HQ leaves Zionsville and moves to its current location on Lakeside Blvd in Indianapolis. Blaine Dinwiddie takes on role as company President.

JUN. 2014

FlexPAC acquires Intelligent Cleaning Systems (ICS) in Indianapolis enhancing its Jan/San capabilities.

JAN. 2015

FlexPAC opens their innoPAC Design Center, adding custom packaging design to its product offering.

SEP. 2015

FlexPAC’s fourth location opens in Ft. Wayne, Indiana through the acquisition of LBH Chemical. 

NOV. 2015

FlexPAC’s fifth location in Dayton, Ohio opens through the acquisition of Scottissue Distribution.

NOV. 2018

FlexPAC’s Elkhart branch expands to a brand new 50,000 sq. ft. facility and consolidates with FlexPAC’s Ft. Wayne branch in order to better manage inventory and serve customers. 

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Our expertise in 5 strategic business units leads to supply chain optimization.

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