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Point-of-Purchase Displays Created, Putting Food Processor In-store

Executive Summary

FlexPAC recently worked with a food processing client who had just begun to enter into the retail space with their healthy, whole grain breakfast bars. They were looking for a full-service provider to help them with everything from branding to creating endcap displays. FlexPAC was able to work with them to create a brand image and POP displays that will help them stand out from similar products in a retail environment.

Previous Challenges

The biggest challenge in working with this client was that they had no prior experience in a retail environment. They had previously only been selling to schools, hospitals, and other large organizations, so the product never went straight to the end consumer. The process of switching from B2B sales to B2C sales can be intimidating, so FlexPAC’s role was to make this as simple as possible, and help the client maintain their enthusiasm for making this change to a retail space.

FlexPAC’s Process

The first step for FlexPAC was working with the client through our innoPAC Design Center. FlexPAC’s innoPAC division is fully equipped on all creative and design functionalities from content to concept to creation, allowing us to create branded packaging and displays for the client. This project required a great deal of collaboration between FlexPAC and the client’s ownership, VP, and marketing team. With most projects, having this many people could have created communication issues, but by having FlexPAC and innoPAC under the same roof and so closely in sync, it made the process completely painless for everyone involved.


FlexPAC was able to collaborate with the client on all aspects of this project. Working with FlexPAC alone made the project much easier and allowed for improved communication, all while still providing a fully customized solution. According to a blog written by Merritt Graphics, having a POP display can increase sales for impulse purchase items (such as breakfast bars) by as much as 94%. POP displays are also a relatively inexpensive way to build brand awareness and visibility. Having a well-designed, structurally sound display that communicates the brand image will help our client succeed. After FlexPAC’s help in the design process, our client was able to score a deal with a regional big box store, as well as having several other opportunities in the works.

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