Property Management & BSC

Working to provide the best products, equipment, and to improve your  internal training programs.

Facility Solutions & Safety

Property Managers and BSC management have always looked through the lens of cleaning and formulated different opinions, but are usually frustrated on the outcome. It centers around the “scope of work” where there appears to be a disengaging dilemma.

We help bring the two parties together so that the property management will get what they seemingly ask for and the building service contractor can perform flawlessly and make money. We work closely with many BSC’s and understand the market.

No one wants to admit to the verbiage “you get what you pay for”. The turnover is high in this area because of the fact that both are not on the same page.

Our Facility Solutions and Safety departments often come together to help Building Service Contractors, janitorial teams, and Property Managers in the following areas:

  • Work loading the facility
  • Writing out scopes of work
  • Equipment service
  • Consumables assessment/transition
  • Basic training courses for beginners and advanced training courses for supervisors and management
  • Right fit programs and services matching
  • Vendor-managed inventory

Solutions Delivered

Gather data, gain insight, and improve profitability.