Executive Summary

FlexPAC met with Raining Rose, an FDA regulated cosmetics and health & beauty care product facility located in Iowa. The problems Raining Rose faced included: overuse of soap and hand sanitizer, overspending on hand care products, the old soap dispensers were often broken, workers hands were often becoming dried out from constant washing, and their Quality Team wanted to utilize a NSF-rated (National Sanitation Foundation) E2 hand care product. Prior to meeting with FlexPAC, they were spending about $10,000 a year on hand care products that were not meeting Raining Rose’s high standards. FlexPAC assessed their needs and, through the proven process, identified improvements that reduced cost by 50%, increased quality of the hand care products, improved compliance with their FDA guidelines, and helped them to improve their commitment to their LEED certification.

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Raining Rose employs over 300 people, so using leaking dispensers and inefficient hand soap quickly became a costly problem. The old soap dispensers and hand sanitizers were not meeting company standards and increasing costs each year. The old dispensers were often leaking the soap, maintenance was required to work on the dispensers regularly, the product was being overused, and two different products had to be purchased to wash and sanitize employees’ hands. The soap they were using was a non-NSF rated soap, and Raining Rose wanted to improve their commitment to meeting FDA inspection guidelines. With a constant directive to improve compliance with regulatory guidelines, as well as maintain LEED Certification standards, it was a challenge to find a hand care program that would help accomplish both.

FlexPAC’s Process

After assessing Raining Roses’ needs and challenges, FlexPAC applied their process and made improvements to fix these issues. Previously, Raining Rose used a counter mounted soap dispenser that would leak, waste the hand soap, and required maintenance attention regularly. FlexPAC solved this problem by installing 24 new, wall mounted touch-free dispensers to replace the counter mounted dispensers. The liquid soap was exchanged with a foaming soap that combines hand wash and hand sanitizer into one product. The new 2-in-1 product is an NSF E2 rated handwash and sanitizer and is an overall higher quality hand care product.


The new dispensers and soap solution has saved Raining Rose time and money. Previously, they were purchasing two separate products and now only one is needed to accomplish both washing and sanitizing of the staff’s hands. The new hand wash and hand sanitizer foam solution protects employees hands from drying out and has reduced spending from $10,000 a year down to $5,000 a year. Installing the new dispensers is also saving Raining Rose maintenance time and money since they are no longer wasting hand soap product or replacing expensive dispensers. FlexPAC was able to help Raining Rose continue their commitment to maintaining their LEED certification by reducing product usage and combining two products into one. The Quality Team was also satisfied with the successful implementation of an NSF E2 rated product to help with compliance to their FDA standards and inspections. Overall, implementing the new dispensers and 2-in-1 handwash product will save Raining Rose more than 50% versus the previous spending each year.

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