Executive Summary

FlexPAC recently worked with a northern Indiana school to find a better floor cleaning system. Previous methods were leaving the floors looking damaged, needing to be cleaned, and were being refinished frequently. FlexPAC introduced a new technology system to cut down costs, use less product, and leave floors looking beautiful all year. The new program will also decrease labor and significantly reduce the cost of total materials.


Overall, the school had 26,000+ square feet of flooring that needed to be cleaned. Using conventional cleaning methods produced multiple cleaning products like strippers and waxes, along with ever increasing labor hours. Prior to FlexPAC’s help, the finished floors were still susceptible to scratching, black markings, and wear patterns that would consistently damage the floors’ finish. The school also had multiple surfaces that needed to be cleaned, including Terrazzo and Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), and the conventional cleaning methods were inefficient, requiring over 80 labor hours just to strip the floors alone.

FlexPAC’s Process

After assessing the challenges, FlexPAC introduced a one-step process using Genesan’s LinPol Green, which is a floor cleaner and protectant for all types of flooring. The product can also be used on their Terrazzo flooring without the need of additional cleaners or waxes. The schools found that using the LinPol product on the Terrazzo floors will not only completely eliminates black marks from shoes, it will also look cleaner, and eliminate noticeable wear patterns.


Using the LinPol Green will totally eliminate the need to continually refinish the floors, plus the school’s floors will look just as great at the end of the year as they did in the beginning. Instead of yearly stripping the floors and adding more coats of finish to the floor, they only now need to scrub the floors daily with Linpol Green. The new cleaner and protectant will also reduce slickness, preventing slips and falls. Before FlexPAC’s system, the school used 8 pails of stripper, 15 pails of finisher, and 80 labor hours were dedicated to stripping and recoating. The yearly cost of floor maintenance materials and labor totaled over $3,000. By using the new system and the LinPol Green product, the total cost of the product for the year was cut drastically down to $325.00. With the program in place, the school will save about 90% on the material costs. Overall, the new system will help keep the floors looking beautiful year round and the cost of floor maintenance low for their overall budget.

LinPol green

Save on Materials and Labor

Cut down costs, use less product, and leave floors looking beautiful all year with Linpol Green.