As a distributor, we are only as good as the solutions and products we are able to deliver to meet your needs. Our suppliers are our partners. We feel our supply partners are all industry leaders and offer the best products in their area of specialty.

FlexPAC is more than just a bridge between suppliers and our customers, we work hard to understand your entire business. Through our process, if we determine which of our strategic partners fits your specific needs. If your needs can’t be met by one of our many partners, we will source and create a relationship with the proper supplier to deliver the solution you desire. At FlexPAC, forcing a particular product line on you isn’t our goal. It’s delivering the solution that fits your needs.

Scroll through our list to see just a few of our strategic partners. Don’t see a specific supplier? Just ask! We have a strong network of over 1,000 suppliers, and we are confident we can find a solution to fit your needs.