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Why You Should Start Using Green Cleaning Products

The topic of using green cleaning products has been growing in popularity as the negative effects of harmful chemicals are becoming more well-known. In a workplace setting, it is imperative to use and understand cleaner solutions to help eliminate occupational-linked employee health issues. As indoor air quality becomes more of an issue, it is important to be aware of the dangers of harsh cleaning chemicals as well as understanding other solutions to keep your business safe, healthy, and clean.

Make Your Business Safer

Some cleaning chemicals can be harsh and dangerous, especially around children. Many traditional cleaning chemicals like bleach and ammonia can easily be toxic if used incorrectly. Having a knowledgeable Facilities Manager can help protect your employees or customers from coming in contact with a dangerous chemical in an inappropriate way.

Using alternative cleaning products can also be an easy way to protect your employees and customers. A recent FlexPAC case study focused on a local Indianapolis YMCA where FlexPAC helped implement a GenEon Maxx & Mist system that allowed for safer disinfecting, and a more effective process. This system avoids harsh chemicals with a sustainable solution that properly disinfects the entire area, including hard to reach and high-touch areas. The GenEon system increased cleanliness throughout the YMCA by 311% from simply abandoning their traditional usage of wiping down surfaces with harsh chemicals. This new system allowed the YMCA to eliminate issues with sickness and absenteeism with YMCA members and with staff.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Not only can some harsh chemicals be difficult to store and use properly, some can also release VOCs into the air, reducing overall air quality. According to the American Lung Association, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can contribute to chronic respiratory problems, headaches, and allergic reactions. Especially in occupational settings, asthma and respiratory illnesses can be linked to exposure to harsh chemicals, like VOCs. Choosing cleaning products that don’t release VOCs can help to prevent these health issues. Read the labels on cleaning supplies to better understand the components of the cleaner. Solutions without VOCs like the GenEon Maxx & Mist and many others can properly disinfect without the harmful effects.

Another way to improve air quality, in addition to cleaner chemical solutions, is to implement an air purification system. The usage of one of these systems can improve air quality by inactivating 90% of remaining pathogens in just one hour. You can read more about indoor air quality here.

Have more questions about how implementing a safe and sustainable cleaning system can help out your business? FlexPAC’s Solution Providers can help you find the right system for your business needs.

Go Green!

Start moving your business towards a greener environment through sustainable products.