GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist

YMCA Decreases ATP by Over 300% with GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist

Executive Summary

FlexPAC recently worked with an Indianapolis YMCA to find a more effective solution for cleaning and sanitization their building. The YMCA’s previous method was not properly disinfecting high-touch areas, resulting in sickness and poor health standards. With the introduction of the GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist, the YMCA is now able to spend less time disinfecting these areas, all while making the disinfection of high-touch areas more effective and significantly safer.

FlexPAC was able to analyze the level of clean with an ATP meter that tested the RLU (Relative Light Units) on the areas sprayed. The RLU was aggressively benchmarked by the YMCA at 75. For reference a hospital public area is set at <50. In order to have a passing cleanliness score, the score had to land below 75. Previously, the YMCA was experiencing RLU levels of 1200-1600. After misting the areas, the RLU dropped to an average of 45.


This particular YMCA was struggling with their previous disinfectant. Their previous method involved a super concentrate disinfectant that was requiring dilution that would then be sprayed and wiped down. This method took 5-10 minutes to properly disinfect. This method was time consuming and made disinfection difficult because of the standards that accompany this disinfecting process. These high-touch areas listed below were not being properly disinfected, which put members and cleaning staff at risk.

FlexPAC’s Process

FlexPAC Solution Providers met with the YMCA to discuss their specific needs to determine how FlexPAC could help them solve this problem. The Solution Providers concluded that the GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist would accommodate the YMCA with a highly effective and safe system to properly disinfect those high-touch areas. FlexPAC offered the YMCA a 30-day trial to test out the GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist.

Our Solution Providers fully trained YMCA staff on GenEon’s products and discussed the new disinfecting protocol. This GenEon system has a 30-second kill rate and delivery system through the Mister. The system effectively kills 99.999% of germs. This gave the YMCA the newfound ability to reach areas they couldn’t before with their previous disinfecting protocol, such as the play area, toys, jungle gyms, etc. This new solution is safe for use all areas because it is sustainable and free of harsh chemicals, which is ideal for many of the YMCA’s high-touch areas.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

During the trial period, the YMCA experienced a reduction in labor, illness, and absenteeism. After the 30-day trial period ended, FlexPAC had the GenEon system returned to them. The YMCA quickly saw an increase in absenteeism after they returned the system. Immediately they made the call back to FlexPAC to place an order for the GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist system. Since the purchase, the YMCA reported no illnesses and a reduction in absenteeism.

FlexPAC analyzed the new cleanliness with the ATP software, testing the RLU (Relative Light Units) on the areas that are sprayed. The RLU was aggressively benchmarked by the YMCA at 75 and in order to have a passing cleanliness score, the score had to land below 75. Put in RLU numbers. After the implementation of the GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist, the YMCA experienced passing testing ratings between 2- 36 RLU on their high-touch areas. The areas’ cleanliness increased by an average of 311% after the introduction of the GenEon system.

Not only is the YMCA now experiencing a more effective level of disinfecting, they have created a safer environment for YMCA members and employees. The GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist has no VOC’s and eliminates the need for storing large amounts of chemicals. This GenEon solution is recognized worldwide as safer than other chemicals and disinfectants. This new system allows the YMCA to eliminate bacteria that can carry illnesses like Norovirus, H1N1, MRSA, Listeria, Staph, E.coli, Salmonella, and more. The YMCA now has a highly effective, safe, and easy process in place to disinfect their building using the solution from FlexPAC.

UPDATE (2/21): Since the first YMCA implementation of the GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist, 2 additional YMCAs have purchased and adopted this new system of disinfecting.

UPDATE (3/13): The Fishers YMCA tested the system and experienced success. The Play and Learn area was successfully disinfected from 925 down to 37. The drinking fountains was successfully disinfected from 1550 down to 75.

Need to reduce illness and improve absenteeism?

The GenEon Trio Maxx and Mist can help reach
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